App Indexing will currently affect Google Ranking

Google has improved its app search feature on android by adding install buttons in search results; the improved search operate will have an effect on android search rankings, according to the official Google blog.


App search has long been a sore spot for app developers, but Google is looking to remedy the matter by helping users discover app content a lot of easily. Google’s blog claims to own indexed more than 30 billion links within apps so users can currently discover apps without installing. Install App buttons will now appear in some relevant searches on android for developers using App classification. tapping the install button can lead users to the Google Play store, wherever they’ll be directed to download the app. Google also announced that App indexing can impact rankings on android devices.

In another move, Google hopes to assist users with physical searches as well as online queries. Googling “Find My Phone” can currently offer users the option of ringing phones that are misplaced within the home or car or using geo-location to seek out missing phones via Google Maps. To use the “find my phone” feature, users need merely download the most recent version of the Google app.



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