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File sharing is a process of sharing/distributing or offering/providing access to digital information like multimedia system content audio files, video files, documents, infographics pictures files, and any computer programs, and e-books and pictures. types of file sharing – File synchronization and sharing services | peer to look file sharing :-

  • Peer-to-Peer file sharing – million of users use p2p file sharing technique. using this method you’ll sharing of digital information like audio , video, images, laptop files.Number of software that connects in to a p2p network to find for shared files on the computers and mobile devices of other users connected to the net. victimization this you’ll downloaded files directly from alternative users on the internet.
  • cloud-based file sharing services – google drive and dropbox.com massive cloud-based file sharing services. using this system users create a special folder on each of their devices or computers.all files placed during this folder are accessible through an internet and mobile application, and might be shared with different users for viewing. several many and It professionals use cloud based mostly file sharing services(e.g. google drives, dropbox).


Top Best Free File Sharing Sites – Document Sharing – 2015

1. drive.google.com: Alexa rank = 1 | Online Storage space = 15GB Free


the google drive is a file cloud based mostly synchronization service. It developed by google and launched on might thirteen, 2012. it’s a most popular file sharing website offer 15 GB free storage space, 100Gb US$1.99 per month, 1Tb area US$9.99 per month. Google Drive client software support Microsoft windows operating system, mac OS, iphones, Linux, chrome OS, Android, ios, ipads. Google drive support type of kind of file formats :- pictures file formats, videos, text files, .css .html .php .c c++, .doc microsoft power point , adobe photoshop(.psd), scalable  vector graphics(.svg), fonts(.ttf .otf), archive file types(.zip and .rar)

2. onedrive.live.com: Alexa rank = 9 | Online Storage space = 7GB Free


onedrive.com developed by microsoft launched on august two, 2007. onedrive.com was available to 62 countries.onedrive.live.com (previously skyDrive) is a another file hosting service. using microsoft OneDrive file sharing website you’ll easily store and share pictures, videos, and every one different document files – anyplace, anydevice. using this service you’ll easily share your information on social networking sites linkedIn, Twitter,facebook. OneDrive support recycle tool means that you’ll undo your deleted file. It give 7GB free area, 20Gb for $10 annually, fifty one GB for $25/year and 100GB $50 annually.

3. dropbox.com: Alexa rank = 103 | Online Storage space 6GB Free


www.dropbox.com is a file hosting site. it absolutely was developed by arash ferdowsi and drew houston in 2007 may. DropBox is box system, its client software support iphone, ios, android, microsoft window, mac operating system and linux. millions of users use dropbox at work.Dropbox secures your files with 2 step verification and 256 Bit encoding. using it you’ll be able to put your any stuff(images,videos, document files) and share work together with your team members.

4. 4shared.com : Alexa rank = 122 | Online Storage space = 10GB Free

4 shared

4shared.com is a file sharing website it was founded by sergey chudnovsky and alex lunkov in 2005. With 4shared users will load, store manage any sort of files ( pictures, videos, and text documents). www.4shared.com provide 10GB of free space for storing files. more than 10million registered users use this service. 4shared toolbar support internet someone and firefox.

5. mediafire.com: Alexa rank = 165 Online Storage space – unlimited Free


60 million users use mediafire.com. it’s another image and text file hosting web site. using it you’ll be able to share your image on social network (facebook, linkedin). Media fire provide 2 type of accounts professional and business, each account offer long term storage and more extra services. mediafire.com provide unlimited free on-line storage space.

6. uploaded.net: Alexa rank = 421 | Online Storage space = 8GB Free


uploaded.net is another file sharing web site. using it you’ll upload your pictures, mp3 songs file, video files while not registration its a lot of quick and popular service on the internet. with uploaded.net you’ll upload of files up to 250 MB.

7. icloud.com: Alexa rank = 981 | Online Storage space – 5GB Free


icloud.com cloud computing file sharing site developed by apple inc. 320 million users use this service this service created for ios, mac operating system and support the backup and restore function. icloud allow users to store bookmark, ibooks, music, photos much more.. icloud add 2 new features notice my iphone and find my friends. this service give 5GB on-line free space.

 8. box.com: Alexa rank = 851 | Online storage space = 10GB


box.com is an free online file sharing web site. offer free 10GB on-line storage space. box mobile apps available for ios, window phones, android and blackbarry. with box you’ll be able to use some third party applications like salesforce, google apps, netsuite. using it you’ll be able to store, manage all of your PDF, PPT, text files and share it from anyplace.

9. wetransfer.com: Alexa rank = | Online storage space = 2GB free


wetransfer was founded by nalden in 2009.using it you can upload your picture, video and text files and share on social network. wetransfer provide 2GB free online storage space.

10. rapidshare.co: Alexa rank – 2104 | Online storage space = 15GB


Rapidshare was founded in 2002 by christian schmid. it’s a 1 click file sharing website offers both commercial and free services. rapidshare available in four language english, german, spanish, french. upto three millions users use this website word wide. the rapidshare has main controlling office in switzerland and baar. In 2012 rapidshare announce all free users will download files with no speed limit. according vie.com 307,555 unique visitors use rapidshare.com web site.

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